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Your Input - Icon Shape

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We are reaching the point where areas that we had left up in the air need to be nailed down. One of the most important of these is in determining the look and feel of the game, specifically the UI, and the shapes used therein.

Normally, large studios would use marketing firms, controlled test groups, feedback sessions, would buy data run by other firms, and similar methods. We don't have that luxury. But we have something that the large studios lack - we have you.

There are several kinds of areas which need icons:

Click: You click the icon and something happens.
Toggle: You click the icon, and something happens and it stays happening until you click it again.
Reserve: You click on this icon to activate your reserves.
Macro: You click on this icon, and it does one or more tasks which you assign to it.
Augment: This is an icon representing the various enhancements used for powers. (not clickable)
Refinement: This is an icon representing various ways you can adjust your Augments. (not clickable)
Meta: You click on this icon and it adjusts other powers, such as buffing them for a short period or triggering a time limited period where your powers change.

A few notes on the design elements. You might notice around the icons rim a series of symbols. These are called the Nimbus, and are used to indicate certain features of the power within (to be explained in further detail in an upcoming update). They are only used for powers, however, so for Reserves, Macros, Augments and Refinements, they will not be there.

Please leave us your answers here. Further feedback and questions can be asked in our discussion thread here.