Where To Go When It Is Dark And You Are Bored

Oh hey, you're back! Good ta see ya. So where to?

...whaddaya mean "I don't know"?

Oh, arright. That makes sense. You're new, after all, ya ain't gonna know all the local hangout spots by some kinda instinct or anythin'.

...make a heckuva power, tho. "Yeah, I got super strength, flight, an' cosmic awareness of nightclubs and places that serve food after eleven."

Anyway. There's a couple places that come ta mind. It really depends on what kinda stuff you like to do late at night when ya oughta be sleepin' like a sensible person. Ahhh, I'm jus' joshin' ya. If you gotta get out an' have some fun, ya gotta get out an' have some fun.

Anyway, around here we've got Club Virtue. It's in an old converted warehouse, so parking's easy. They got this kind of layered thing, three dance floors, each with its own DJ an' bar. Lotsa supers there, but don't let that dissuade ya. Come to think of it, a lot of the best places in town are frequented by supers. But it's fine. Lemme 'splain.

Nobody's gonna try anythin' funny in a hero bar, an' the supers usually don't get snooty. Even if you go to a place where most of the clientele is villains, you're usually safe unless everyone in there hates yer guts. No, not even the villains with big time delusions of grandeur. If they're that kind, they're not gonna spend time in some bar in the first place, y'know? They're gonna tell themselves they've got bigger fish to fry and go plot to take over the world - or whatever it is supervillains do with their Saturday nights.

What some do with their Saturday nights is go hang out at the Opal Room. Kinda' open secret there - that place has tons o' notorious super-crooks in it. It's kinda dark inside, as far as lighting goes, and the music's kind of minor key - no really. But oddly enough, that also makes it one of the more relaxing clubs in town, if you can look past the fact that you might be the only guy in there without a rap sheet.

An' I gotta be honest, they got the best pub food in town, hands down. It's got a Polish bent to it, since the owner's family's Polish, but they got a pork loin reuben that's outta this world, an' - I kid ya not - french fries tossed in truffle oil. Bit pricey, sure, but worth it if you ask me, if you ever wanna treat yourself.

But, let's say you don't wanna rub elbows with a buncha ex-cons, an' I can hardly blame ya. Lotsa other places. Honestly, we're not far from Old Bradford, an' that whole enda' th' world's crawlin' with jazz clubs, dance clubs, an' restaurants open late. In particular you gotta try Fat Tony's, it's the kind of place where livin' legends go to play, an' the pasta's fantastic. Best jazz outside of Highpoint, if you ask me. There's some small art museums there that never seem ta close, an' some of the movie theaters an' playhouses even do late night matinee shows. Gotta warn ya, most everythin' in Old Bradford's gonna be expensive. Fortunately, ya got me drivin' ya, so you can ignore the parkin' fee, which is where they normally really get ya.

Downtown's got some more reasonable places, really. Ya got th' Orbit, a restaurant an' club owned by a retired super. Nice guy, nice place. Kinda got that retro Buck Rogers look to th' place, y'know? Burgers 're good, too. They do live music on weekend nights, usually nothin' fantastic, but it's crowd-pleaser stuff. There's also about a dozen clubs around the area, like The Nightwalker, The Owl Roost, places like that. They're all kinda' hit-and-miss depending on what sorta music an' people you like, but if you don't like one, just walk to the next one over an' it's prolly gonna be better. Definitely a prime club-hoppin' spot.

Alexandria's a bit quieter at night, really. There's some places there but... ennnh, I really wouldn't recommend 'em. See, Ephesus University's there, an' most of the people goin' out after dark are either gonna be getting out of their dorms to study, or getting out of their dorms to blow off a day's worth of pent-up energy after sittin' in class for nine hours. So each place is either gonna be snoozeville or outta-control crazy. Hey, maybe that's what yer lookin' for, but 's not my speed.

I mentioned Highpoint earlier, an' it'd be worth a look. It's where all the young up-an’-comers are, artists an' musicians an' the like. Some fantastic music clubs there, although a lot of the music's kinda experimental, so yer mileage may vary. They got some great restaurants, although those are kinda experimental too - the kinds of places where food comes served in these kinda clear cubes an' everything's set up like some sorta surreal painting you can eat, y'know? Can't argue with taste, tho. They got some bars that serve drinks from the Research District too - try 'the human glowstick' for a surefire conversation starter.

Oh, an' if you're lookin' for somthin' a little less drink-and-dance and a bit more run-around-having-fun, there's the Victory Beach Amusement Park. They got a boardwalk with all the games y'could ever want. They got rollercoasters an' rides, they got funnel cakes and,... oh yeah, they're open twenty-four hours. 'Cept the beach. They don't let anyone onto the beach after dark, dunno why. Heard rumors about fish-men but I'm not sure I believe it. Although I seen stranger. Should see what Frank coughed up the other day.

What? Oh sure, I been to lotsa these places. I'm not drivin' *all* the time. Just, y'know, a lot. When do I sleep? Heck, sometimes I don't even know.

Anyway, you pick a spot to go yet? Heh, great. We're jus' around the corner from there. Here you go.

Eh, it's no big. I'm the cabbie, 's my job ta getcha where ya wanna go. Now, you have a good night, arright?