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A Titanic Glossary

Howdy, Titaneers!

(Who’s the Leader with the Plan that’s good for you and me? D-O-C! T-O-R! T-Y-C-H-E!)

Today, we’re going to give you the first revision of our City of Titans glossary.

We’re making up all kinds of new words. Like ‘cromulent’. Okay, not like ‘cromulent’. Like Raellions. And it’ll probably help if we lay them all out in one place, so that you guys know what we’re talking about. It’s true, some of the things we’re about to say in here contradict earlier things we’ve said. That’s largely because we were keeping things true to what we said in the Kickstarter. But, well, we’ve changed a few things since then. So!


Monetary Words:

Raellion: One Million.

Stars: Our version of Cash Shop Credits. I think I’ve gone over this once or twice, but basically, credit card companies charge transaction fees. If we bill you two cents for a hat, it’ll wind up costing us more to sell the hat to you than we get from it. So we’re going to have to charge chunks of cash, like, five, ten or twenty bucks, then convert that into ‘stars’ which can be used to buy electronic products. It is theoretically possible stars could also be earned in-game, in a similar way to EVE and Wildstar. We’re not going to promise that for sure till just before launch and we have everything coded and tested, but that’s the way we’re headed.

Ingenuity: How much credit you have with the world. Yeah, well, we wanted something that started with INF but nothing sang to us. We’re up to changing it if someone gets a good idea.

Launch: There will be multiple ‘Launch Days’ as the game progresses. The character creator. The demo. The card game. The flamethrower. But the one we all refer to as ‘Launch’ is the one where the game actually opens with more than one zone and multiple people can be on at the same time. Currently, we’re aiming at level 35, with rapid expansions to 50 after. (Everything is planned to 50, but it’s all about money at that point - the more money we have, the more game we can make.) This is the point at which free subscription months will kick in.

Character Building Words:

Character: Your player avatar. Who you are today. Your hero. Your villain. Your tiny piece of art. What you are in the dark.

Class: Your choice of primary and secondary power set priority and access.

Gladiator: Melee/Protection

Bulwark: Protection/Melee

Striker: Ranged/Support

Guardian: Support/Ranged

Tactician: Control/Support

Taskmaster: Summons/Assault … wait, that one’s not for launch. Oops! Well, let’s say there’s a lot more _categories_ of primary and secondary powers that we want to unleash. But we’re sticking to the simpler ones at start. As we get better at making the game work, we’re going to get a lot more complicated.

Primary Power Set: The thing that defines your class. “I punch things.” “I’m tough.”

Secondary Power Set: The thing that defines your class slightly more clearly. “I punch things… and I’m agile!” “I’m tough… and I’ve got a big hammer.”

Tertiary Power Set: Less powerful, but still handy. “I’m super tough, super strong… and I can shoot heat vision from my eyes.” Good for customizing who you are.

Travel Power: “Oh, and I can fly, too.” You get that one at level 1 - but it won't be at full power till level 15 or so. Don't worry, in case you like the utility of the slower version, there'll be a handy pocket version available to pick up. And no, we're not limiting you to just one - you just get one, for free. If you want it.

Trivial Power: Freebies that you can pick up just for fun. Unlockable emotes, for example. “I’ve got Super-Ventriloquism!” “No, you’re just moving your lips when I talk.”

Mastery: The thing that, combined with all the above, makes you special. This is what breaks the rules of the game. “And people just feel better about themselves when I’m around. They’re inspired, they fight better together.”

Boosts: Sometimes you need a little pick-me-up. These consumable power boosts make you stronger, tougher, faster… briefly. And the fun part is that they’re just a little customizable, too.

Adventure Words:

Here’s another case where we welcome suggestions as to good names.

Swarmling: Has about one HP. But there sure are a lot of them.

Critter: Weaker than a standard enemy. Some kind of tiny imp, generally found in a pack.

Mob: Standard Enemy

Experienced: Tougher Enemy

Boss: Tough Enemy

Named Boss: Really tough enemy, equal to one PC. On the other hand, they don’t get to use Boosts.

Epic Boss: Oh, these guys are tough enough for a whole team. Good thing they’re only found in specific missions, generally. Not free-roaming. Probably.

Monster Boss: These guys? Free roaming. Tough enough for a zone to gang-tackle.

EPIC MONSTER BOSS: Yeaaaaah, uhm. Tastes like Jello.

Plot: A single adventure, generally involving an instanced location.

Story: A series of adventures, with an overall theme.

Arc: A series of stories involving one specific enemy.

Quest: Something that probably involves a princess and a dragon. Not available at launch.

World Words:

Neighborhood: A thematically consistent area within a District, that tends to have similar stories. In New York City, Hell’s Kitchen is a Neighborhood.

District: It’s like a zone, only… bigger. I mean… yeah, you’re gonna need to take the subway here. Manhattan is a District.

Subway: It’s a hole in the ground full of metal boxes people ride in. Also occasionally mole men swarm up and attempt to invade the surface world from it.

Mole Men: CLASSIFIED. (Moley moley mole) Warning: If you dig under the Mole Men's bases, pop up, and accuse them of being vile surface dwellers, they will not get the joke.

Martians: That’s War of the Worlds, not World Words.

Landmark: A significant building or location or even vehicle of some sort, that generally has some history, plot, or adventure behind it.

Blimp: A thing you can ride on.

Trainer: I have no idea what that is. They’re not in this game, at least. There are, however, helpful people that’ll tell you the kind of thing you need to do to train yourself up, or how to make better... well, I'll leave that part for later. You can usually find them at a…

Player Nexus: We do not have quest hubs in this game. The people you meet will either be someone you’re led to, introduced to while doing something else, or just find somewhere. They need help, they’ll call for you. Or you’ll call them. Some of them will have signal watches. Most of those, you’ll wish didn’t have signal watches. Like Timmy Simian. He’s a good kid, though. Anyhow, we do have places where people will tend to congregate - there are player amenities there, places to craft, places to show off, places to hang out.

And that’s our first list of new glossary words. We may add more as the game develops, and we’ll probably revise one or two on this list.

Catch you later, Titaneers!

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