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Status Update: Monday, August 12, 2013

The Phoenix Project
Status Update: Monday, August 12, 2013
By: planetJ, Studio Manager

Hello everyone,

While we have been reorganizing behind the scenes and shuffling people around, it's been a bit taxing on a great many people. Though, I honestly feel we are moving in a positive direction toward our goals, even more efficiently than before. Many of us are feeling a second wind from the energy being injected into the project with new people in new roles, these are genuinely exciting times...with exciting things yet to come.

I can honestly say, that the team working on this game is a group of talented, and motivated individuals who care a great deal about putting forth a product that is both a quality offering, and beautiful in it's own right. The things that have been overcome, and the progress made in the face of adversity are always a positive and uplifting thing to see as someone who is reviewing events of the day constantly.

I want the community to know what a wonderful group of people you have working on this project as we count down to the Kickstarter event. There will be some announcements in the next few weeks about Kickstarter news and events, as well as some great opportunities to speak to developers and ask questions directly. We are bringing back the popular feature "Ask a Dev" soon, so that any questions you all might have for the specific departments regarding the Kickstarter and other things can be answered by someone with first hand knowledge.

Additionally, I would also like you to know that we have been working on the Kickstarter reward programs and restructuring them just a bit. I think you will not only find things to be even better than before; I think you will be surprised by some of the things we included at some of the lesser tiers! We will also be posting the new version of the Kickstarter reward tiers in the near future as well to glean some feedback from you in the community. I am excited to see what each of you think about our newest strategy!

As someone who spent time with many in City of Heroes, I wanted to touch on the fact that we are not just producing a spiritual successor here. We are breathing life into a bold new world, that I know many of you are waiting patiently to explore. You will get to see new faces, new stories and lore, and a wonderful new look; all while maintaining a familiar feel. I am confident that we will be moving forward with a top notch game for all of us to enjoy.

I appreciate your support as a community, and every voice counts! The feedback we get from the forums spawns some fantastic discussions, and new ideas that lead to wonderful systems being implemented. I would eventually like for everyone from the old community to have a voice here, and talk with us about what you would like to see in our game. I would ask those of you out there reading, to let your old super group members, and friends who played with you, know that they are important to us too! We want this to be a home for everyone who was left out of place by the closure...we hope you enjoy the exciting new things coming out with the Kickstarter event as much as we enjoyed putting them together!

Lastly, but not least...we will be migrating to a new website in the near future. We will be bringing all of you with us to new forums as we prepare for the Kickstarter event, so expect an announcement about the migration in the next state of the game conversation.

I cannot wait to share my thoughts with you again soon!