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Shirt Hurdles Solved - Back On Sale

After a series of bad starts, unexpected baby deliveries, and a printing company which went out of business after we placed the order, finally the Anthem t-shirts are in the hands of most people who ordered them. What we have learned from this experience is to leave the handling to the experts, that we make videogames, not clothing. So, from now on any future products of this nature will be done through a third party, with them handling the heavy lifting. For handling Anthem, and the Fly Free shirts, the people at TeePublic produce an excellent product. We are still searching for a similar vendor who can deliver the line art shirt of similar quality and will notify all of you when those are ready.

Our apologies for how long it took to get these out. It was a lesson learned, and we will endeavour to avoid such things from happening in the future.

Teepublic is having a Black Friday sale for the next 12 hours, so it is an ideal time for ordering.

We at Missing Worlds Media thank all of you for your support, and hope you all have had a wonderful holiday.