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Pre-Update And State of the Game - September 19th 2013

The last bits for the re-submission to Kickstarter are coming together. When we began the video re-edit, it became clear that the footage could have been a bit more solid, so we have reshot a few of the video clips for it. Now it is in the hands of our editor (no pressure).

During this time, we looked over some of the questions which were asked of the KS, and one which stood out was asking why the amount of money we were asking for. As the lions share of that is for the artists tools, we thought to release what was planned to be an update early, one which explained why we were asking for the money for higher end tools instead of sticking to free/open source tools. Not because of capability, tools such as Blender are solid, but time, they take more effort to achieve the same results as the commercial tools.

And without any further ado, the pre-update, put together by VDG, Robin, Petalstorm and DeathSheepFromBelow: