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The Phoenix Project announces City of Titans

The Phoenix Project, a volunteer effort to produce a spiritual successor to City of Heroes®, reveals the official name of its upcoming multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG).

Welcome to City of Titans.

The Kickstarter to fund the game goes live on 12:01 AM Eastern, on Wednesday, October 2nd.

It has been a long and painful journey, both for the team and the fans supporting it, with a false KS start and many struggles. And the Kickstarter will not be the end of them. Instead, it is a first step on an exciting new journey, together.

The Phoenix Project, the overall name for the search for a new home for fans of the fallen City of Heroes, spawned Missing Worlds Media, Inc., late in 2012 to manage and maintain development and operation of the game that became City of Titans. Active development began December 1st, and has continued through engine changes, personnel difficulties, and a request from Kickstarter for a gameplay video that delayed the planned launch from September 8th, the anniversary of the City of Heroes Unity Rally in protest at the announcement of the closure of the game.

President of Missing Worlds Media, Inc, Sara Quinn, said: “The delay was frustrating for us all, but it was a necessary evil, and we have used the time to put together an even better campaign.

“We are immensely grateful to our community for their continued support and understanding at this somewhat fraught time. They have been amazing, and without the morale boosts they provided, this would have been much harder on all of us.

“There were a massive assortment of names that were considered, and a good number of finalists, but we are now pleased to announce that the Phoenix has risen in the form of City of Titans, a name that at once contains a nod each to the game that brought us together and the community that so welcomed and supported us when we began this effort, and leaves us and our players free to tell stories of heroism, villainy, and anything in between.

Chris Hare, the Project Lead for City of Titans, had this to add. “Our goal is not merely to replace City of Heroes. The things City of Heroes was known for were innovative thinking and groundbreaking gameplay, from sidekicking to badges to instanced missions. Our goal has to be as far reaching and innovative as our inspiration.

“There will be new things. There will be amazing things. And they will all be fun. This will be a new world of superhuman gameplay, and it will be playable with anyone with a capable computer and a little money saved up. Don’t just read adventures, or watch adventures. Live them. Write them. Be the hero. Together, we can fly.”