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It's Been One Year

From: Our Project Lead...

This is the last time we can say ‘One year ago, we were playing a game.’

I started my journey to the City with a hint off a webcomic. I stood shoulder to shoulder as the Rikti invaded to end Beta. I stomped Statesman when he Struck the Isles. I was there in Atlas Park 33. And I stood, shoulder to shoulder, one last time, as the lights went off on the servers.

I did all of those things with a good friend. He’s passed on, now, but we make this game in his name, and in the names of all of our friends we knew.

In the name of the good times we had, and the hard times we had, because it is challenge that makes us stronger.

This is a time to remember what we were thankful for, for the community, for the friendship, and for the fun.

This is a time to remember our teammates, our supergroup members, our coalition allies.

Every Pick Up Group that went right, every time some 50 stopped a newbie and gave them 5,000 inf, every costume contest.

All of these things come down to one thing. People. Community. Friends.

Friends are what we lost when the City shut down. Some of us have managed to stay connected, and with those connections, we have made new friends. And some of us have been working on ways to rebuild what was lost, so that our spirits can fly again.

But for this moment, for this evening, we bow our heads one last time in memory.

There are things we are doing to remember the City. For one, #SaveCoH is running a Costume Contest using Icon. We’re supplying a prize this year, an embroidered sash. Next year, we’re hoping it’ll also be a costume part. They’re actually providing a whole bunch of events, so go ahead and check their gathering thread out.,9337.0.html

Valiance Online, another Superhero-themed MMO is entering their pre-alpha today, too. It’s not a coincidence. They’re sort of the Marvel 2099 to our Earth-2, but they’re friends, and we’re supporting them.

We’re doing a livestream with one of our artists, too. Joerden Leigh. It’ll be a good show, we’ll pop in and out as we can. It starts at 5 PM PST this Saturday.

As for where we stand? Progress is being made, and you’d be amazed what’s on sale for Black Friday. All kinds of good deals on the software we need. We’re still tooling up, slowly, working on our plans and designs. Nothing to show, no screenshots, nothing more than sketches and spreadsheets. And that’s the way it should be.

We’ll keep you informed, week after week, of our progress. It’s going to be a long and slow road, but we will get there.

But until then, my friends, we will not forget what brought us here today, and we will celebrate it.

Holding a torch, - Warcabbit