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Cosmogulus Wants Your Money!

We know that times are tight, and we are going to get you as much free stuff in the form of updates information, easter eggs and more as is practical. We are aware of and grateful for the vast outpouring of support, both financial and otherwise that we have received so far.

But that is not enough for some of you. Oh no. Some of you have been wanting us to shut up and take your money for some time now. Well the shutting up part is not happening any time soon. But those of you with a little free cheddar will be given an opportunity in the very near future to help get our collective dream, our city, a little closer to reality and make a great deal in the process.
Today we will be opening up a temporary virtual store that you will be able to access from
This store is NOT the upcoming permanent virtual store. It is not even a mockup of it; it is more of a processing test - a beta for handling orders. None the less, it will be live and secure and perfectly capable of taking your money to be used on one of Doctor Tyche’s nefarious plans (robot soldiers being expensive and all). Our lure: t-shirts!

These T-shirts come in a variety of sizes, from mens Small to Extra-Extra-Extra Large, and are available in three fun designs.

These shirts are not the Kickstarter exclusive shirt! They are the designs from the non-exclusive add on t-shirts, and are being offered at the same as the Kickstarter prices; $25 per shirt. These will be added to the t-shirt order which will be placed at the end of August - after all, larger orders mean lower prices. However, the Kickstarter Green City of Titans shirt is not being offered in the store, it being, you know a Kickstarter Exclusive. It is also NOT depicted here, to avoid confusion.

Here are more depictions of the shirts we ARE depicting here! Order as many as you like, but understand these are not pledges, this is a real money transaction for delivery in September.

This temporary store test will only be live for two weeks, starting today, so get in and get stuff while you can! We do not know whether there will be future tests such as this one. Again, it will go live tonight and shut down forever in two weeks. Shipping and any applicable USA taxes are included.
Although we very much wish we could do everything for free, we will be offering things that can be bought for those of you who can afford such and want to help us out. We appreciate all of you, our fans and supporters.
The Robot Legions will be programmed to show you mercy.
Order your shirts today at

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