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Art from our new artists!

We’re a little less wordy this week, a bit more show than tell.

As you’d expect, the majority of our focus in the Art department is building assets for the Avatar Builder. While that isn’t entirely costume concepts, that’s what we’re focusing on this week.

These costume concepts come in from two main sources right now. Game Lore and random inspiration. Below you’ll see an early Villain. You’ll see more of him in the coming updates.

Right now we’re letting the creatives imagination run wild - draw what occurs to you. After all, that’s part of why they are on the team. Once we have a nice little pile of brilliance built up we’ll take a critical eye to them and weed out concepts we don’t feel the engine can pull off, might be a bit too derivative, or otherwise need to be set aside. Once that’s done we’ll take inventory and determine what we think we need that’s not already covered for launch and launch NPCs.

Here's a few concepts from our newest 2D artists. You haven't seen their work before, so I hope you like them.

We’re also starting a collection of hairstyle plans…

Coming soon…