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4K Reveal - the CapeChaser 10 Most Wanted Thread


CapeChaser is Titan City’s premier publicly operated and edited wiki-style site for all things superpowered. Here’s what the site’s CapeChasers are saying about villains on their forums ...

(Post One)

So, I was thinking, we post a lot in here about villains and stuff, and about which is the worst and why, and I thought, why don’t we try to make a list? A list of the worst villains plaguing the city. Maybe some hero will see and decide to take them down!

I put in some stuff I pulled off some of their individual profiles, plus some quotes and things I ripped off some videos some people braver than me had taken.

Titan City’s Top Ten Most Wanted Supervillains. As determined by CapeChaser analyst Scott Dawson.

1. Serqet of Scorpion
2. Tarot
3. Checkmate
4. Doctor Tyche
5. Ruin of the Styx Syndicate
6. Hexbane
7. Corpse Candle
8. Ladon
9. Patchwork
10. Boilerpunk of the Aether Pirates

(Post Two)

Serqet of Scorpion

“Fool! Serqet is not mocked! I will seal you in a coffin with my stinging pets!”

The “Most Dangerous Woman in the World” is a vain, vicious killer who delights in toying with her victims. Although she serves under the mysterious Antares in the worldwide hidden army known as Scorpion, it is she who acts as the public face of the organization, delivering their televised rants and appearing in person at many of their raids. Active since the 1930’s, she led many of Scorpion’s earliest attacks before falling to her apparent death from the Liberty Building in downtown Titan City in 1939. Her return to activity in the 1970’s sent shockwaves through the superpowered community. Still somehow young and attractive, she is well known for her superhuman reflexes and speed, as well as her mastery of various deadly poisons often derived from scorpion venom.



Antares is totally made up, dude. Don’t buy into the hype. - apedude143

How does the OP know what Serqet looks like? Ever seen her with that mask off? ;) -wanderlust34

(Post Three)


“We kill heroes.”

The Tarot are among Titan City’s most dreaded villain teams. A team of superhuman ‘cape killers,’ they first came to prominence when they publicly ambushed and killed the hero known as The Sharp before terrified witnesses. The Tarot soon made a place for themselves as villains-for-hire within Titan City’s crime world. Comprised of eight known villains themed after the Major Arcana, the Tarot are a highly organized team that has ambushed and slain more than one hero as expensive but efficient contract killers. Perhaps even worse, the team is said to operate a ‘prison insurance’ operation: supposedly, no villain that pays their exorbitant fees has ever made it to the inescapable Hardlock, having been intercepted and freed en route. Unlike many villain teams, the Tarot work together cohesively, combining their abilities and thinking tactically to bring down even very powerful foes.



Amen to this choice. Tarot’s bad news and doesn’t mince words about it. Who else is freaky enough to come right out announce they’re killing heroes, then do it right in front of everybody? -personman59


(Post Four)

Checkmate of the Rooks

“I’ll make you wish you never put on that stupid costume.”

The man all Rooks aspire to be, Checkmate claims he can develop the precise superpowers needed for any situation. Checkmate is one of the most feared mercenary villains in Titan City, as he combines years of experience with a vast and apparently growing range of superhuman abilities. First appearing in the wake of Operation: Anvil in 1985, Checkmate is one of the reasons the unpowered Rooks gang still exists. Various individual Rooks may take their lumps on a daily basis, but anyone who threatens the gang as a whole receives a visit from their most powerful alumnus. The origin of Checkmate’s “edge” is an utter mystery, one jealously sought by the various members of the gang he guards so well.



Checkmate is one bad-a** guy. I saw him pick up a car and smack some third-string hero with it once. Scariest thing I ever saw. -cypherhair6

Lame n00b-post alert! We’ve ALL seen some third-string hero get hit over the head with a car. Go back to taking pictures and post when you actually know what you’re doing, n00b. -apedude134

(Post Five)

Doctor Tyche

“So slow! So inefficient! This will all have to go. I will not let it stand in the way of the perfect world.”

Doctor Tyche claims to be well-meaning, but he is in fact an incredibly dangerous megalomaniac driven by a fervent, semi-religious zeal. Years ago, he apparently saw a brief snapshot of a 'perfect world', one where everyone worked in harmony with everyone else, and nobody wanted for anything. Now, he is driven like a man possessed to see this world come into being, by any means necessary. If everyone has to lose things such as 'free will' or 'privacy', well, at least they won't feel hungry once his machines are controlling their minds. 'Blessed' with vision, Doctor Tyche seeks to perfect the human race, mainly by getting rid of what he sees as the useless bits. One of the first “World Threat” villains to appear after Hurricane Atlas, Doctor Tyche and his robot legions are well known for their ability to penetrate security and pop up where least expected. His ability to control apparently any electronic device at will, as well as his iconic robosuit, makes him nearly impossible to stop.



OP is showing his ignorance. Doctor Tyche is the future! Just because you’re too stupid to understand his vision doesn’t make him a “megalomaniac”. -Haley9000
(User was banned for this post.)

I don’t know how we keep getting posts like this. -InUrDatabase

I just thought of something … how do we know he isn’t controlling our computers right now? -cypherhair6

(Post Six)

Ruin of the Styx Syndicate

“Are you here to kill a killer, hero? How poetic!”

The leader of the villainous assassins known as the Styx Syndicate, Ruin has the power to control and rupture the ground and many solid surfaces with the power of his mind and can forge weapons from the earth. Ruin’s a hardened criminal who’s grown tired of unorganized crime, and whose behavior shows an utter hatred for most other superhumans, especially heroes. He is a hated rival of other villains outside of his own team as well. Ruin always tries to ensure there’s no escape for his victim. Perhaps even more disturbing, he often tries to corrupt heroes or place them in no-win situations, where the only way to save their own lives is to compromise the principles they profess to uphold.



It’s sad that contract killers can remain at large for so long, especially here. What are the Paragons doing about these guys? -Aldebran

Yeah, okay, he sounds pretty bad … but why is he ranked below Tarot but above Corpse Candle? -personman59

A more objective measure of these individuals villainy would’ve been more helpful than just this list. -InUrDatabase

(Post Seven)


“Ah, will you be my esteemed opponent tonight? Whom do I have the pleasure of defeating?”

This urbane villain’s polite, sophisticated manner harks back to an earlier, more polished era of superhuman struggle. Hexbane 's signature ability allows him to engulf an opponent in a volley of temporary curse effects, many of which are not only debilitating but horrifying and disfiguring. Beyond that he is a stealthy, skilled and precise fencer, even though he does not have the speed or endurance of his youth. He is also a competent spellcaster who is exceptional in his specialties: enchantments/curses and magical analysis. He has employed these abilities since his first documented appearance in 1954 in order to steal a vast and ever-growing number of magical artifacts and legendary objects, most of which have never been recovered. The purpose he intends to put these to is unknown, but the sheer number of them and the stories attached to them means that he is one of the most dangerous men alive.



Yeah, okay, he’s a villain. Yeah, he steals stuff. He still has class, man! He is totally rocking that beard. -greenpurpleman3

And he’s so handsome! -Edda11

(Post Eight)

Corpse Candle

“Afraid? You should be.”

This terrifying figure of living foxfire stalks the streets and parks of Titan City as one of its most feared serial murderers. His spectral, flickering form radiates a supernatural chill. Vicious and sadistic, Corpse Candle terrorizes the night. In the past several years, his malevolence has grown more purposeful, and he has been observed robbing banks, fighting heroes, and even committing thefts in addition to his usual activities. Some believe him to be a living supernatural creature, while others think him a ghost, and still others believe him to be the victim of some bizarre superscience accident. Regardless of his true nature, he is feared throughout South Titan.



What’s with his name? -apedude143

A “corpse candle” is another name for ignis fatuus, the fires created by swamp gas. Having him listed here makes me uncomfortable. -holywomaan0101

I never thought I’d agree with holywomaan, but having him listed here makes ME uncomfortable, too. This guy gives me the creeps. I like seeing supers in the field, you know, but I saw a photo of him once, and that was plenty close enough for me. -rockinman995

(Post Nine)


“I was hoping you wouldn’t show up. I’m really in a hurry, but I always have time for SCIENCE!”

The hideous scientist Ladon copies powers to use them in his attempt to bring about a world dominated by superhumans … and ruled by himself. He believes that using superpowers to uphold the law is a pathetic waste of such abilities. Holding that only the strongest should rule, not by a system of human-made laws, but by personal ability, he is driven by lust for more personal power. As if his profound knowledge of genetics, superhuman strength, and enhanced intellect weren’t dangerous enough, Ladon has created strange weapons that can “harvest” the abilities of other superhumans. A genius and a cagey opponent, Ladon has been stymied many times but never captured or personally defeated.



This is just weird. I mean, supers are just like us, only with powers, right? This guy is really, really crazy. -wanderlust34

Sources, please. In particular, specify what you mean by his being a “genius.” Has his IQ been tested? -InUrDatabase

Probably not, since hard info on this guy is hard to come by. One of those “no known photos” types … so far. CapeChasers, your next mission! :p - greenpurpleman3

Never heard of this guy before. Does he really belong on a ‘top ten’ list? -ROlsen

(Post Ten)


“You may be able to fly and shoot space-rays or whatever out of your butt, but you know you can’t win. Now you’re going to walk away, old man.”

This mysterious professional thief wears an iconic costume: a collection of scraps, patches, and tatters, to run jobs for the most powerful people in Titan City’s underworld. She exhibits superhuman strength and agility, enabling her to leap great distances, glide down from heights, and even cling to walls. The rags that make up her cape can also extend to trip, choke, blind, or entangle foes. She is famously resistant to damage, absorbing impacts like a rag doll. If contracted her to steal something, she’ll do everything in her power to accomplish the deed. Her lighthearted, cocky demeanor conceals an intelligent, meticulous, and cynical mind. She plans her heists carefully, leaving nothing to chance. Patchwork is a thief, not a warrior, but she won’t hesitate to lash out unmercifully if she can’t gain the advantage any other way. Patchwork may not have a vast army or astounding superhuman abilities, but her track record as a thief means that no fortune, no weapon, and no secret is safe with her around.



Patchwork’s a total (censored). She makes fun of heroes and even bystanders! That’s just mean. I saw her fight a couple heroes, once, and she actually hopped down next to me, told me to lay off the candy bars, and said I should move out of my parents’ basement! -wanderlust34

Dude, that’s why she RULES! She tells it like it is, taking those heroes down a peg. I bet you DO live in your parents’ basement, too. -apedude134

I saw her grab a dude with her cape once. -greenpurpleman3

I saw her grab a guy with the HAIR on her mask once. Yikes. -rockinman995

(Post Eleven)


“Attack! For the revolution! Leave none but ashes behind!”

While some Aether Pirates, such as the flamboyant Ser Morgan, use their strange, archaic-looking technology merely to steal, the implacable Boilerpunk seems more interested in destroying things than snatching them. In the late 1990s, he burst on the Aether Pirate scene as a “boiler-borg,” a man-machine with a furnace for guts and a steam engine for a heart. By the early 2000s, he had command of his own vessel, The People’s Revolt. Whether cramming coal, scraps, or even stolen cash into his maw to feed the fire in his belly, crushing foes with his hammer, or leading his ravagers on a raid, Boilerpunk fights zealously and without remorse. Feared and avoided even by other Aether Pirates, Boilerpunk pays lip service to a cause but seems more interested in destruction. Boilerpunk claims to take from the rich in order to “free the people,” but all too often, his real goal seems to be to plunder everything he can burn and leave only charred wreckage in his wake.



Most of this is reposted, but I’m not sure where you’re getting his early history from. Cite sources, please. -InUrDatabase


Yes, yes. Aether pirates rule. Thank you for your important contribution to this thread. -InUrDatabase

Do boiler-borgs have exhaust ports? And do they smell? -sneeze10695

Yes and yes. “The smokestacks on their back” and “like smoke” respectively. -InUrDatabase

Someone needs to get his sense of humor checked … -greenpurpleman3

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The assemby of this piece was a collaborative effort by Cy 'Aquashock' Coughlin, Jack 'Olantern' Snyder, Tim 'Kitsune9Tails' Ross and William 'Robin' Strickland

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