Over Labor Day Weekend, our repository server gained sentience and walked away.

It's back and said it just went for a walkabout and didn't mean to cause any distress. What is interesting though, is it will neither confirm nor deny the existence of these "motorheads" we've heard about.

Thank you all for your concern, and batteries.

The motherboard manufacturer sent a replacement part and we have put the repository server back together. We are back up and running and will now continue our regularly scheduled programming. (please pardon the pun)

12 Days of Devmas, Day 12

It's... it's the last day. We survived. Sure, the egg nog came to life... but we made it.

Guys. One last chorus and we're free! FREE TO TAKE OVER THE EARTH!

*dev team chorus*

On the twelfth day of Devmas,

your dev team gives to thee,

Twelve roaches clattering,

Eleven brushes painting,

Ten hammers fixing,

Nine foxtails a-spinning,

Eight muttonpacks tinkering,

Seven dragons lairing,

Six ninja-to slashing

Fiiiiive… Firefairy... Wings

Four rockin keytars

Three top hats

Two combat slide rules…

and a mind control beard in a tree …

Your last gift is a vanity pet from one of our 2D artists, Copper Cockroach. The pet's not vain. Neither is Copper. It just likes to hang out in the vanity.

Shhh. It’s hiding.

You’d hide too if you had the party we had. Man. Beards. Ninjas. Ninja beards. Dragons everywhere.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed Devmas as much as we have - and I hope you watched yesterday’s video. There’s a promise of something very special in it. Here’s the link again.

Well... this went over much better than last year. Remember what showed up then?

Discuss Day Twelve of Devmas here:

From all of us, to all of you...

Joy to the World and Peace on Earth.