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12 Days of Devmas, Day 11

Sometimes, it’s about the gentler things in life. Sometimes it’s about creation over destruction. And sometimes, you find out the pen is mightier than the sword.

Of course, being superheroes, the way you show this is a six foot long pen being used in a swordfight.

Or by using a paintbrush dripping flower petals to shoot lasers!

*dev team chorus*

On the eleventh day of Devmas,

your dev team gives to thee,

Eleven brushes painting,

Ten hammers fixing,

Nine foxtails a-spinning,

Eight muttonpacks tinkering,

Seven dragons lairing,

Six ninja-to slashing ,

Fiiiiive… Firefairy... Wings

Four rockin keytars

Three top hats

Two combat slide rules…

and a mind control beard in a tree …

I hope you put newspapers down, this brush has a tendency to spot.

Don’t wave the tails at it! Oh dear, they’re going all over the place.

Darn rules of physics!

Hey, Bob, what can you tell us about the rules of physics?

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