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12 Days of Devmas, Day 10


Hammer time.

That’s right. It’s time for the cabbit to fix things.

And when all you have to fix things with is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

So, you devs, you ready to sing, or are you looking like you want to get fixed?

*dev team chorus*

On the tenth day of Devmas, your dev team gives to thee,

Ten hammers fixing ,

Nine foxtails a-spinning,

Eight muttonpacks tinkering,

Seven dragons lairing,

Six ninja-to slashing

Fiiiiive… Firefairy... Wings

Four rockin keytars

Three top hats

Two combat slide rules…

and a mind control beard in a tree …

Now, this isn’t your normal hammer. We’re going to have plenty of normal hammers in game. No, this is a virtual hammer, to fix computer programs with. And, as a result, it looks a little… different.

(We’re saving the toolbox till I can get some animation tricks down - I’m hoping we can do this nifty aura trick with it - make it a weapon that's not related to attack powers. Maybe have a special set of animations related to it. )

Oh, the Beard?

Yeah, he got his hands on the wrong hammer.

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