Tech Update: Mission Missive


You get your download code, you log in, you create your costume, and hit “Enter Game” and... then what? A massively multiplayer world filled with thousands of people is fine in and of itself, but the vast majority of us seek for something to do within it. And that is where Missions come in.

Mission is a category, covering a lot of potential content. Talk to someone, that is a mission. Deliver something, a mission. Investigate a warehouse, mission. Defeat a gigantic mutant alien crab threatening to perform his kareoke version of “It's Unusual”, mission.

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Lore: One Fourth of July for Anthem


The following is an account of the events on the previous July 4th gathered from an informal interview with known superpowered hero Anthem.

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Art Update: How We Make the Costumes


Welcome to the latest art update. Today we want show how we are doing the costumes. Yes! We are working with them right now!

While it is likely many of you know how games, or parts of games, are made, we want to show how we are building the costumes and related pieces of the game. For this month’s Art update, we are going to use one of our tech armor concepts to show you the process we are using.

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State of the Game, June 2015


Kickstarter Backers, Paragon Refugees, My fellow Titans,

We are nineteen months since our Kickstarter concluded. Nineteen months that dawned with hope and optimism; that a new world would unfolded with a new generation fighting for either good or evil; that saw progress which was difficult to quantify, and even harder to explain due to its early stage of development. It has been, and still is, a hard and long road to travel.

But tonight, we turn the page.

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What You Know About...CAP


Welcome to 'What you know about”, an experimental new series of Lore posts intended to deliver straightforward and spoiler-free information on various Factions, NPCs and Locations in Titan City. This is in response to various feedback we've been getting recently on what you'd like to see, so please be sure to let us know if this is the right idea, and if not, why.

Our first feature is on the organization known as CAP, created by Staff Writer Olantern.

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This Update Has Nothing New


We know all of you are sitting waiting to see something shiny and new from the MWM team. Well, prepare to be disappointed, because this update does, indeed contain nothing new at all. Instead of new, what we are about to do is show you what we already have before. No new systems, no new technology, just things we have shown all of you before today.

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Tales from the Underworld: The Edge

This is a continuation of a series of Lore posts containing both an overarching story and many glimpses of planned in-game factions, zones, and NPCs. The previous installments can be found under Tales from the Underworld (the parts from a villain's point of view) and Tales of the TCPD (the parts from the police point of view) title headings.

A New Dawn (Anniversary: Art: Tech: Video)

On the day after the City of Heroes 11th Anniversary, Missing Worlds Media is proud to demonstrate the first prototypes of City of Titans character costuming and combat systems.

I hope you all liked the video.

Now, I get to tell you all about what’s inside it.


Howdy, folks. This is your ever-lovin’ Warcabbit coming at you a little early this week, with a really short note.

Why? Because there’s some stuff you don’t want to miss. First, tomorrow, the 28th, MassivelyOP are going to run a little editorial I wrote about making your own fun when you play a game. One of our staff at Missing Worlds Media backed their kickstarter out of their own, personal, day-job money, and gave me the editorial to write.

And for that, I thank you, SpaceMoose.

Business Leads The Horse To Water

Now that we've let our April Fools Day update sit for a bit, it is time to do the actual update. This time, as it is the first part of the quarter, we are covering how the business itself is running.


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