Law and the Superhero

From Know Your Powers, Know Your Rights: Legal Issues for Superpowered Beings

A Publication of the Titan City Department of Public Safety

From Page 5, Legal Status of Superhuman Beings

The Real Technical Update

In the opening for our little April 1st video you may have noticed a sewer-type map. This was not a video clip provided by Epic, but one we made using assets provided by Epic. The map itself began as something Epic produced, called simply “The Theater.”

April 1st Technical Update

Well, we promised you a tech demo, and it’s time!

We’ve been really lucky, we found someone who was intimately involved with the old game. He even wrote his own task force. So, we gave him our money, and title credit, and he’s about to show us what he’s done.

Today’s demo is going to be about twitch play, gravity physics, and time of day enhancement. We’ve got high hopes here, and I can’t wait to see what he’s done with our design notes.

We’re doing it live, folks! Let’s warm it up!

Where To Go When It Is Dark And You Are Bored

Oh hey, you're back! Good ta see ya. So where to?

...whaddaya mean "I don't know"?

Oh, arright. That makes sense. You're new, after all, ya ain't gonna know all the local hangout spots by some kinda instinct or anythin'.

...make a heckuva power, tho. "Yeah, I got super strength, flight, an' cosmic awareness of nightclubs and places that serve food after eleven."

City of Titans to use Unreal Engine 4

Ever since our Kickstarter ended, you guys have been wanting to know why we aren’t showing you more. We had a really good reason, and now it is time to share.

(Warcabbit Sez: It’s been SO HARD not saying anything.)

Art from our new artists!

We’re a little less wordy this week, a bit more show than tell.

As you’d expect, the majority of our focus in the Art department is building assets for the Avatar Builder. While that isn’t entirely costume concepts, that’s what we’re focusing on this week.

These costume concepts come in from two main sources right now. Game Lore and random inspiration. Below you’ll see an early Villain. You’ll see more of him in the coming updates.

Meet The New Boss

Now, just to ease some potential confusion, this is still Warcabbit, and I'm still the Project Lead for City of Titans. I'm not going anywhere. But we've had a corporate election, because that's the kind of thing corporations do, and we've had some really great results.

So, without further ado, here's the new President of Missing Worlds Media!

Take it away, Dr. Tyche!

You Spoke - We Listened

We’re aware there’s been a few rumblings across the forums and on our various social network sites that you don’t feel you’re being kept up to date with how development is coming along, and we’re taking steps to address those concerns.

Hopefully, this post’ll explain what we’ve been up to, and why you haven’t been falling over bits of game just yet.

Firstly, game development involves writing a lot of code. It’s an essential part of the development, but unfortunately, it’s not very interesting or pretty to look at, and doesn’t make for particularly interesting screenshots.

Greetings from Composition

Hello, everyone. In the spirit of transparency and speaking of what is done, the following is a message from William 'Robin' Strickland, the director of composition for Missing Worlds Media.


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