Paragon Holiday Special, Part One

About this update, I have three things to say.

1) Because Lore has really written us a full length short story here, we've broken it up into two pieces. We will be posting the second half on the 24th.

2) That makes three Lore updates for this month.

3) This month is not all Lore updates. That is all.

Heroes to Watch For

We are moving to a bi-weekly schedule for the updates. From now on we will be updating on the first and third week of the month. Thanks for your patience, once we've finally hit the turnaround point in development where producing update material is easier we'll probably reschedule again.

[text from a flyer found in Clarkstown]

Heroes are freakin’ everywhere, man. You gotta watch your back all the time. Especially when you see one of these heroes. Or, EVEN WORSE, don’t see ‘em.

1. The Paragons, duh.

I'm thankful for...


This week is Thanksgiving! If you could ask some citizens of Titan City what they're thankful for, what would they say? Let's find out ...

Nicholas Kuchenbecker, Nervous Citizen: “I'm thankful that heroes catch those chunks of masonry that keep trying to fall on me.”

Rich Carlyle, Limousine Owner: “I'm thankful for being a property insurer in this city."

Robert Pyle, Cruising for a Bruising: "I'm thankful Anthem wears those tight pants that... she's right behind me, isn't she."

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When Fist Meets Face - Momentum

In the greatest comic book fights, we are witness to battles of epic proportions. When titans clash, only one can remain standing! As the battle stretches out, the warriors often seem to become energized by the vigor of the challenge, drawing out new levels of power in order to win. They seem to grow in direct response to the battle, and the combat becomes almost mythological.

The Five Ask-a-Dev's Answered

Q: Regarding lore: Are you finding it difficult or easy to pull together cohesive storylines that will take a player from character creation to end game? Is the core of the story line (primary game plot) based off a 2 faction system (Such as Recluse and Statesman were) or has the story developed into a multiple factions all fighting for/against each other?

A: [Kitsune9Tails]

Tales from the Underworld: Burns

This story draws heavily on the events of the Ironport Fiasco, which can be found here:

Carnegie, Vanderbilt, and You!

This past month we started working on the first of the digital assets backer rewards. The Mogul add-on seemed the most prudent place to start as building assets need to lay down as the map is built and before the mission structure, when at all possible.

The first step was a Survey Monkey backed survey sent out to the email address relayed from Kickstarter. It was pretty short and to the point.

We aren't setting a lot of limits on this, but there are some practicalities.

Common Sense Guidelines:

Happy Halloween from the Team - and the Weird Sisters

Happy Halloween! CoH had some pretty awesome stuff to pull out this time of year. And so will we! Read on for a taste of a City of Titans faction all too appropriate for this spooky holiday.

“We’re too old for this, Jim,” said the shorter college boy. His voice quavered a bit.

Building the Backbone

For any online effort, the servers matter as much as the tools used. Even in today's push for cloud computing or software as a service, everything still depends on servers.

When we began, our server needs were very simple. We ran everything on a pair of virtual machines running on Amazon's Web Service. We outgrew this after a few months, and migrated several systems over to a setup on Rackspace.


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