In the Spotlight: Doctor Tyche

Transcript for In the Spotlight! Season 1 Episode 2

[Theme music ends, spotlights come on left wing, Shadow Elusive enters set]

Tales from the Underworld: One Night in Charleston

Fog choked the streets of Charleston. The district wasn’t the liveliest part of Titan City at the best of times, and the heavy mist only encouraged people to stay inside all the more. Once, decades ago, Charleston had been a thriving center of art. Its boulevards had played host to wealthy socialites headed to theaters, jazz clubs, and speakeasies. Today, the clubs and theaters were now long shuttered, and the speakeasies devolved into dingy, struggling bars.

This is our Independence Day

Howdy, Titaneers. Happy Fourth of July. This is Warcabbit with a very important message about independence.

First, sit back, and watch our video. Then I’ll explain.

A Titanic Glossary

Howdy, Titaneers!

(Who’s the Leader with the Plan that’s good for you and me? D-O-C! T-O-R! T-Y-C-H-E!)

Today, we’re going to give you the first revision of our City of Titans glossary.

In the Spotlight: Tiger

Theme music ends, spotlights come on left wing, Shadow Elusive enters set

Tales of the Titan City Police Department - Day One

In today’s update, future Titanites, we have something a bit different for you. Let’s visit TCPD HQ with a new recruit, to discover a little about the city’s crime factions, its most elite police unit, its districts, and herself …

Day One

State of the Game, June 2014

Howdy, Titaneers!

I’m your Project Lead, Warcabbit, here to walk you through the state of the game. We’ve had some setbacks, some advances, and some hard progress recently, so I thought I’d lay the stats on you.

The game, right now, is a bunch of projects flying in formation. They’re not joined up, but we know when they will, and we’re making sure everything will match. So I’m going to break this down department by department.

Mastering Your Character - A Primer on Masteries

Beyond your powers, beyond your classification, beyond your archetype, there is some method for defining your character. Often called inherants, talents, or even innate abilities, in many games this is a fixed system while others allow you to improve or alter it as you level up. We call this the Mastery. We have designed five Masteries per classification with the goal to ship with three for launch. Each Mastery enables evolution of your character in a different way.

Interview with an Old Man on the Street

As I walk through the gathered crowd, I can’t help but notice the different views of the people present. There’s the families taking the kids out for the rides, there’s the young couples enjoying the lively atmosphere, the ever-vigilant TCPD, and the criminal types looking for someone to exploit. It has taken a long time for the town to get this far. This neighborhood wasn’t always so nice.

Kickstarter Desktop Background: News!

Hey, folks! It’s Warcabbit here with a fulfilment of a promise.

I like to think of it as a sample of what’s to come.

We did say everyone who donated at the $5 level or above would get a desktop background, and we sure suggested we’d do it in February.


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