Building the Backbone

For any online effort, the servers matter as much as the tools used. Even in today's push for cloud computing or software as a service, everything still depends on servers.

When we began, our server needs were very simple. We ran everything on a pair of virtual machines running on Amazon's Web Service. We outgrew this after a few months, and migrated several systems over to a setup on Rackspace.

4K Reveal - the CapeChaser 10 Most Wanted Thread


CapeChaser is Titan City’s premier publicly operated and edited wiki-style site for all things superpowered. Here’s what the site’s CapeChasers are saying about villains on their forums ...

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The Abandoned Mountainview Sanitarium

The moon shone brightly in the night sky, casting a soft light on the woodlands below. The air was getting cold as the native animals began creeping out of their dens. Frogs and night owls could be heard, and somewhere in the distance wolves were howling.

Catching up on the Kickstarter/Shut Up and Take Our Likes!

This week we’re going to get into a little Kickstarter book keeping. No, not numbers - backlog.

We’re not where - we want to be with Kickstarter fulfillment, I’m sure that’s pretty universal for almost every project at this point in the lifecycle. We’ve finally got a a few of the errant ducks in a row allowing us to move forward so tonight we’re going to talk about where art comes into that picture and how we’re moving forward with that.

How the Staff Made the Paragons

“I am a Staff Writer for Missing Worlds Media.” I love saying this. It filled me with pride to be able to say it as I introduced myself to people at DragonCon two weeks ago. (See Update 102 for a video of my fellow Staff Writer Stephanie Smith and me, plus artist K.T. “Cajun Catfish” Morriss, doing our panel there!) When I say this, the question people ask most often, aside from “When is your game coming out?”, is “What do you write?”

Proving to the Producer

One of the hardest challenges the technical department has come across has nothing to do with code at all, but is a limitation of imagination. Those who don't have experience working with the code often have difficulty imagining just what it is we can actually do with the engine. They come from older systems, older games, and often can't grasp that the limitations they grew used to just don't exist anymore. To prove that we can do more, often times we need to build little demonstrations.

Cabbie Goes To A Con


Hey, where to, pal? Convention center? Arright, sure thing.

So you in town for the Business and Tech Expo? Yeah, turnin' out ta be a pretty big thing. I mean, it's just normal tech, so it'll be kinda' tame, but that's fine sometimes if ya ask me. Nothin' wrong with tame every now an' then, let's ya get your blood pressure settled before the next big explosion.

Good work for a cab driver, too.

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Character Creation, T-Shirts, and Anthem Meets American Star

As promised, we’re opening up our T-Shirt of the month, featuring Anthem, one of our Iconic Lore characters. This shirt is available now The shirts will be produced by TeeLaunch and be sent to press the first week of October.

Read on after the art update for a bonus Lore update on how Anthem first met American Star!

And we’re back!

Find Us at Pax And DragonCon (Time-Sensitive News)


Okay. So! Two big conventions this weekend, and we've got a presence at both.

DragonCon: We've got Cajun Catfish, Jack Olantern, and Conundrum of Furballs all present, and we've got our very own panel: - this should be the link, but the site seems to be down.

Missing Worlds Media Presents: City of Titans

Time: Sat 02:30 pm Location: Grand Salon E - Hilton (Length: 1)

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