Tales from the Underworld: The Edge

This is a continuation of a series of Lore posts containing both an overarching story and many glimpses of planned in-game factions, zones, and NPCs. The previous installments can be found under Tales from the Underworld (the parts from a villain's point of view) and Tales of the TCPD (the parts from the police point of view) title headings.

A New Dawn (Anniversary: Art: Tech: Video)

On the day after the City of Heroes 11th Anniversary, Missing Worlds Media is proud to demonstrate the first prototypes of City of Titans character costuming and combat systems.

I hope you all liked the video.

Now, I get to tell you all about what’s inside it.


Howdy, folks. This is your ever-lovin’ Warcabbit coming at you a little early this week, with a really short note.

Why? Because there’s some stuff you don’t want to miss. First, tomorrow, the 28th, MassivelyOP are going to run a little editorial I wrote about making your own fun when you play a game. One of our staff at Missing Worlds Media backed their kickstarter out of their own, personal, day-job money, and gave me the editorial to write.

And for that, I thank you, SpaceMoose.

Business Leads The Horse To Water

Now that we've let our April Fools Day update sit for a bit, it is time to do the actual update. This time, as it is the first part of the quarter, we are covering how the business itself is running.

Missing Worlds Media Announces New Management For City of Titans

For Release, 1/4/2015, Missing Worlds Media, Inc announces immediate handover of their forthcoming MMORPG, titled “City of Titans” to the creative mind of Richard Gariott and the fine folks at Portalarium. Missing Worlds Media Founder David MacKay, giving a brief statement to the media from an undisclosed Caribbean location, was reported to be "extremely pleased" with the severance package given to each surviving founder of Missing Worlds Media.

How A Tree Can Make All The Difference - Map Optimization

When we made our current test map, one of the first things we noticed was that while it looked good, its performance was far below what we were expecting. Even on our high end machines, it could have the frames per second drop in to the single digits. Not something acceptable, so we went over it with a fine toothed comb to identify, isolate, and repair the problem.

Gabbie the Cabbie - When it's Cold Outside

Hey, come on in! Hurry an' close the door, though, it's freakin' cold out there!

The Test Zone - Developing The Basics

Greetings from the Art team! Today's Art comes from pretty much everybody and we think you're gonna like it. The 3D department has come forward to show off our our first test-hood map where our models are placed, studied, developed and improved for the next version. Models and textures for buildings and roads and stoplights and all sorts of things come here to be worked on. Because everything looks better in context.

Tales from the TCPD: Up in the Air

“We’re approaching the Northeast Research District,” said the helicopter pilot’s static-warped voice.

Idea, Build, Test, Repeat - Rapid Prototyping

Part of the key to development is the rapid prototyping and evaluation of ideas. One of the beauties of the 4th generation Unreal Engine is the Blueprint system, a core of the engine which enables us to prototype systems rapidly. Thanks to this, we can let ideas flow, and get results quickly enough that we can explore innovation that otherwise would need to be left alone.


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