Proving to the Producer

One of the hardest challenges the technical department has come across has nothing to do with code at all, but is a limitation of imagination. Those who don't have experience working with the code often have difficulty imagining just what it is we can actually do with the engine. They come from older systems, older games, and often can't grasp that the limitations they grew used to just don't exist anymore. To prove that we can do more, often times we need to build little demonstrations.

Cabbie Goes To A Con


Hey, where to, pal? Convention center? Arright, sure thing.

So you in town for the Business and Tech Expo? Yeah, turnin' out ta be a pretty big thing. I mean, it's just normal tech, so it'll be kinda' tame, but that's fine sometimes if ya ask me. Nothin' wrong with tame every now an' then, let's ya get your blood pressure settled before the next big explosion.

Good work for a cab driver, too.

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Character Creation, T-Shirts, and Anthem Meets American Star

As promised, we’re opening up our T-Shirt of the month, featuring Anthem, one of our Iconic Lore characters. This shirt is available now The shirts will be produced by TeeLaunch and be sent to press the first week of October.

Read on after the art update for a bonus Lore update on how Anthem first met American Star!

And we’re back!

Find Us at Pax And DragonCon (Time-Sensitive News)


Okay. So! Two big conventions this weekend, and we've got a presence at both.

DragonCon: We've got Cajun Catfish, Jack Olantern, and Conundrum of Furballs all present, and we've got our very own panel: - this should be the link, but the site seems to be down.

Missing Worlds Media Presents: City of Titans

Time: Sat 02:30 pm Location: Grand Salon E - Hilton (Length: 1)

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Tales from the TCPD: The Ironport Fiasco (Composition)


The call for SWAT came in late in the day. Low, autumn sun shone in Kathleen Aurelia’s eyes as the SWAT van forced its way through the evening traffic on the Hercules Bridge. She’d been in Titan City only a few months, and she’d seen some frightening things here, fighting alongside SWAT. But even now, in the chilly, autumnal evening light, she loved it. “

“Nervous, Aurelia?” said Lenny Alvarez, crouched across from her on the van’s functional seats.

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Highway To The Danger Room


This is Warcabbit coming at you, straight out of Game Tech. It’s one of the hats I wear at City of Titans, and it’s one of the ones I’m proudest to wear.

I’m lucky. I have two guys who are smarter than I am working with me. One’s got a PhD in Industrial Engineering (Complex Systems) and the other’s got a PhD in Physics (Education).

And, every so often, I manage to contribute an idea that they haven’t thought of yet.

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Vril - Urban Legend Or World Domination?

Titan Chronicle
By Anton Knight

In the annals of World War II, there have been many tales of the incredible programs put forth by the Third Reich. From their Ubermensch chemical augmentation program to the genetic alteration of animals to create beasts of war, it is well documented that, to the scientific arm of the Nazi party, there was no such thing as an experiment they would not attempt in order to gain an edge against the super powered elite of the Allies.

Art - T-shirt of the Month

This week we’re going to talk about some of the less direct ways the art department lends effort to the project. We recently showed earlier shirt designs from the Kickstarter, and they were so popular that we decided on expanding that.

Starting with Anthem in September, we will begin to introduce a new t-shirt design every month. These shirts will be available for that month and then they’re gone. Okay. Maybe not completely gone - we haven’t ruled out releasing them again in the future.

Superior Fashion Sense - A Doctor Tyche Requirement

One of the oft overlooked qualities of the vigilantism and villainism found throughout Titan City is the rapid growth of costuming flair as time expands forward to my inevitable domination. When I began, it was so common to find people who were wearing what was, for lack of a better term, pajamas with brightly colored underwear on the outside. I cannot count the number of times I faced off against someone who was wearing long johns or ballet tights. It was outright embarrassing.

Cosmogulus Wants Your Money!

We know that times are tight, and we are going to get you as much free stuff in the form of updates information, easter eggs and more as is practical. We are aware of and grateful for the vast outpouring of support, both financial and otherwise that we have received so far.


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