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The Twelve Days of Devmas, Day Six

It’s the Sixth Day of Devmas! I can’t stop them! They’re a egg-nog powered juggernaut! What is nog? Is it legal? Is it made out of Ferengi?

(dev team full chorus)


On the sixth day of Devmas,

your dev team gives to thee

Six ninja-to slashing

Fiiiiive… Firefairy... Wings

Four rockin keytars

Three top hats

Two combat slide rules…

12 Days of Devmas, Day 3

Well, good morning one and all. This next gift probably won’t save your bacon from the Beard, but it won’t do any harm either. And at least one of you will look stylish wearing it.

(dev team full chorus)

On the third day of Devmas,

your dev team gives to thee

Three top hats

Two combat slide rules…

Merry Devmas! Day Two

All right, is everybody here? Great. Domo, you brought your present for the Titans? Great! Did anybody catch the Beard?


Great. Okay, I guess they’re going to need this present all right.

Hit it gang, a one and a two and a three and a four!

(dev team full chorus)

On the second day of Devmas,

your dev team gives to thee

Two combat slide rules…

Merry Devmas! Day One

Good Morning! Merry Christmas!

Wait, I’m sorry.

That's right, it's Devmas, because we devs have a bunch of presents for you - 12 to be exact. Welcome to the Twelve Days of Devmas, day one. We got your first present under the tree right here....


Paragon Holiday Special, Part One

About this update, I have three things to say.

1) Because Lore has really written us a full length short story here, we've broken it up into two pieces. We will be posting the second half on the 24th.

2) That makes three Lore updates for this month.

3) This month is not all Lore updates. That is all.

Master Magician held the tiny but sinister looking black object aloft with a flourish. “And with this, the Paragons’ mansion will indeed be plunged into… a silent night!” His evil laughter echoed throughout the chamber, reverberating and multiplying.

Heroes to Watch For

We are moving to a bi-weekly schedule for the updates. From now on we will be updating on the first and third week of the month. Thanks for your patience, once we've finally hit the turnaround point in development where producing update material is easier we'll probably reschedule again.

[text from a flyer found in Clarkstown]

Heroes are freakin’ everywhere, man. You gotta watch your back all the time. Especially when you see one of these heroes. Or, EVEN WORSE, don’t see ‘em.

1. The Paragons, duh.

I'm thankful for...

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This week is Thanksgiving! If you could ask some citizens of Titan City what they're thankful for, what would they say? Let's find out ...

Nicholas Kuchenbecker, Nervous Citizen: “I'm thankful that heroes catch those chunks of masonry that keep trying to fall on me.”

Rich Carlyle, Limousine Owner: “I'm thankful for being a property insurer in this city."

Robert Pyle, Cruising for a Bruising: "I'm thankful Anthem wears those tight pants that... she's right behind me, isn't she."

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